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  • Dianne Wallace Center Of Hope is a 501c(3) Nonprofit organization in the state of Illinois. We provide local programs that offer support to heal women that are at risk for cancer and to help them gain health consciousness!

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  • Dianne Wallace Center of Hope's mission is to create a platform to shine light on real risk factors that causes cancer among women, and support them in the best ways possible in the fight against cancer. We will work towards this by providing women with resources and support. We will empower them through diverse cancer awareness, financial aid, and educational programs.

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  • Our vision at Dianne Wallace Center of Hope is to mitigate cancer among women and be a cancer burden breaker. We want to support the biological, physical, and physiological well-being of individuals and families through physical, biological, and physiological health services. We plan to extend our reach to other parts of the United States so that a large part of the world benefits from our non-profit initiative.

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Brandi Wallace


Brandi Wallace born and raised in Chicago. I am a mother, wife and entrepreneur. In 1995, I lost my mother (Dianne Wallace) from metastatic breast cancer, worst day of my life! 


In 2007, my husband and I founded this organization, but I wasn't fully invested at the time. It wasn't calling me until one day it struck me. In 2010, I was hit with those 4 words "You have breast cancer". Estrogen positive cancer in my left breast, I went through every treatment imaginable. After that treatment, I started researching better ways to treat my body to minimize a recurrence. Once I started feeling myself again I reverted back to my original ways.


It was in September 2019, I was told the cancer returned as Stage 4 breast cancer to the bones. After seeing treatment centers that hand out processed foods loaded with sugar and crap I knew it was time to get this organization going. In July 2020, Dianne Wallace Center of Hope NFP was born and focused on women in low income communities with the hopes of helping to rejuvenate health.


We love to support and serve as a vital piece in the community. We strive to create real impact and inspire change in our neighborhoods. We would love to have your support in our cause!

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